Moroccan Pouf:: shopblackwater.com
If you follow me on Instagram you probably already know this but if you don’t, let me fill ya in. I live in a tiny one bedroom apartment in Southern California with my boyfriend Robert + our furr child Bandit. I am forever decorating and rearranging, I think Robert has finally gotten used to an item never being in the same spot for more then a week. 

I am so inspired by the Jungalow + Bohemian look that I have decided to turn our apartment into a Jungalow dream. Hence how I came up with the hashtag #ourbungalowfortwo. 

If you are into designing just as much as I am, please do yourself a favor and go out a buy this book. The New Bohemians by Justine Blakeney is the most beautiful design book I have ever seen and she is just so inspiring. Almost everything that is pictured here has been either purchased from some of my favorite vintage Instagram shops, thrifted, found at Garage Sales or at local swap meets. If there’s one thing that I have learned, never pay retail prices for anything. I purchased an awesome vintage macrame plant hanger from one of our local swap meets for $3.00. Umm…Score!! Robert used to get so agitated with me because I have to walk down every single aisle and of course look at everything. Safe to say, he has finally excepted it, bless his sweet soul. Now it’s become a regular Saturday activity for us. Not gonna lie he is a closet treasure hunter, but ya didn’t hear it from me! 

Pillow:: IKEA || Duvet Cover:: Kohls
Can’t wait to add more to our home and share this Jungalow journey with you all. Happy hunting! Until next time! 


One thought on “#ourbungalowfortwo

  1. Obviously you know I love your style – but thought I would say it again – I love your style. I’m always fangirling over your Instagram aesthetics.


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